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Our evolution

2006 Lanzamiento de Syvazul® 4.

Laboratorios SYVA pioneered research into and the registration of vaccines against Blue Tongue in Spain. In 1958, Syva already had a vaccine under registration number 3,204 called "vaccine against ovine catarrhal fever", the name given to Blue Tongue at that time. In 2006, Laboratorios SYVA obtained authorisation for SYVAZUL® 4, the first vaccine against this virus registered in Spain.

In 2008 registration was obtained for SYVAZUL® 1 1 and SYVAZUL® 8, , the specific vaccines for each serotype currently indicated for cattle and sheep. More recently, SYVA received authorisation from the Spanish Agency of Drugs and Sanitary Products for SYVAZUL® 1+8, a combined vaccine against the two Blue Tongue serotypes.

Silver Plaque of Agricultural Merit

In December 2007, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food awarded Laboratorios SYVA the Silver Plaque of Agricultural Merit for its contribution to the fight against Blue Tongue.

Our evolution